Play Dough / Clay Doh – No Cream of Tartar Needed

Have you ever ran out of Cream of Tartar? Seriously … the other day I was making some new dough for the kids and absolutely no cream of tartar. So I made several different kinds of ‘doh’ – all without the cream of tartar (which has always been my favorite type) and realized that the play doughs with oil have a nice consistency. After experimenting ….. I discovered (many of you may already realize this ….. and your one ahead of me) that adding a little oil to any of the basic clay doh recipes will make them more malleable and of a decent texture. Now our play dough area smells great with peppermint, coffee, pumpkin / cinnamon and some type of candy scent – and yes I did make that many different recipes to experiment with adding a little oil – and they all turned out great. One more thing …… I did have to add a little extra flour to some of the recipes when kneading the dough. Hope you find this helpful …. and have a great evening. 

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