Communication Boards, Books and PEWE (Pecs – Style) Words

It is late but I have finally added approximately 2200 (maybe more) PEWE / PECS style words onto the membership site (Peanut Butter Crunch ).  I loaded the new books onto the site as well.  Oh …. and I added communication boards …. there are ones for using with toilet training (potty time), meal planning, daily schedule, time for …..  , a responsibility / chore board and a check it off board.  There is soooo much more that I would like to add … and maybe later it will happen.  I need to finish the new project  I started (and am really excited about).  I will leave the details for it until another time.

If you have read any of my other entries – you will already know the details about the 911 Emergency book and the ‘I’ book …. I wanted to add a few tidbits about the boards now.

 The potty training board is appropriate for both genders – the figure is exactly that … a figure.  I will be adding some photos of the boards in the next few days onto .  The meal set includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack boards.  What sets these boards apart from all of the other boards out there is the fact that they include the food groups being sorted on the boards.  The ‘time for’ board can be included in any environment where the student is being taught time awareness – perfect for use with not only the special needs student – but in the classroom with the first grade and up leveled child.  The chore / responsibility board will certainly keep everyone on track in any household or classroom.  As would the check it off board – simply place any tasks expected to be completed onto the board … and no miscommunication is possible with these visual aids.

Before I finish tonight – I wanted to let you know that the boards and books can incorporate  nearly every aspect of a daily routine because of the vast assortment of PEWE pieces.  The sets are loosely grouped …. some overlap onto other sheets while some are mixed items.  But …. you will find most topics have been covered – Example of  the items covered …. Anatomy, Aquatic animals, the bath room, the bedroom, chores, colors, shapes, numbers, dairy, emotions, farming / gardening, fruit, vegetables, grains, animals (domestic and wild), birds, crafting, electronics, fun play items (toys too), bugs, people (a huge array of professions included), signs, restaurants, verbs (action and transition words), transportation, personal care / beauty, treats, beverages, money (currency) and furniture.  The books include PECS style pieces as well.  Over 2000 pieces to pick and choose from …..   

 …. Have a Great Evening …… Any questions – please ask …..

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