Fun to Compare – Building Block Creations

In the block center, set up two ‘separated’ areas (use a curtain or cardboard – not absolutely necessary if you have the time to work with the students individually in a private setting so the students do not ‘copy’ each other) with the exact same blocks. Have students take turns building a structure with the blocks. When they have finished creating take a snap shot of the creation. When everybody has had a chance to complete the project – do a comparison of what each student did.  Ask questions – example:  What did you build?  Why did you put the purple block on top?  Did you want to make it larger? – Simple questions that get the student thinking.

This is a great opportunity to praise each student on their creativeness and to create a unique bulletin board for the next week. This activity has a lot of possible variations – but the most important thing is that the students have fun with it.

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