Setting up a “Prediction” Center

 This is so much fun …. that it can actually become a center in your room or at least a box on the shelf.


Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Example – use an empty box of cereal …. what usually is in a box of cereal? Cereal of course … but what if you were to place a bag of rice or a couple of small toys inside of it – or a special snack that will be shared when the box is opened.


Be sure to reseal the box and then place it in the center and have the students all take turns with a prediction. This is more of a fun game than an actual science experiment – but it does get the brain working.


The game can be created using the plastic ‘Easter’ eggs – just tape the eggs shut so they will not break apart when the students are shaking them.


So many variations ….. and a lot of fun.

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