Special Days


Have a special day every week. Children (like adults) love to have something to look forward to doing.


The special days can be something as simple as Bubble Day ….. Set up a bubble table and have the children see how many bubbles they can fill up the room with (while blowing several bubble sticks – everyone at the same time).


Another would be ‘Plane’ Day – Make paper airplanes and fly them around the room or outdoors. Have contests to see which will fly the farthest or the fastest.


Have a book party – everyone bring their favorite short read – provide a special snack and take turns reading. Another option would be to read a book that has a coordinating movie – read the book first – then watch the movie during rest time and discuss it afterwards.


Backwards Day is always popular – wear your clothes backwards, come to school in pajamas, eat dessert first, have rest time before lunch – anything that gets the kids giggling.


Favorite Toy Day – Let everyone bring their favorite toy to play with during free time.


There are so many options – you could have a different special day every week for the entire year without repeating the event.


Some additional suggestions:

Camping Day


Beach Party

Art Fair

Grown-up Day

Do something Special Day

Song Day

Fashion Show

Hat Day

Favorite Cartoon Day

Circus Day

Luau Day

Pajama Party

Puppet Day


and so many more!

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