Ball Battle

Okay, I am never one to encourage indoor throwing of items – but this game can be played inside or outside – and it is relatively safe for anyone to play.


Give each of the students an equal amount of quarter sheet paper scraps (newspaper works well too and is inexpensive). Have the students wad up each of the sheets into nice ‘soft’ balls.


Separate the students into two opposite sides. Ideally the ‘teams’ should be a minimum of 20 feet apart – indoors this may not be possible (it will also depend on the age of the students – preschoolers could be separated by as little as 3 – 5 feet). The space between the teams is considered to be a ‘no entry’ zone.


Set up a timer or use music – begin the music and have the students throw the soft balls across to each other ….. while the music or timer is still running – the students can pick up all of the balls that have landed on their side and throw back to the opposite side.


When the timer has went off (or the music) – have each team count how many paper balls have landed on their side.

The game can stop at this point …. or a score can be kept …. and the side with the least amount of balls wins. Older kids may want to play that the team that reaches 100 or even 500 first – loses.

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