The Freeze Dance

You played it when you were a kid …. but this is a new variation of the same game.


You need something to play fun music (if able to create a collage of styles – it is even more fun – Use music with varying rhythms – slow to super fast)


Play the music and have the students do silly dances and movements – when you stop the music they need to freeze in place ….. remember this game now?


The variation is that you will take pictures of the students immediately when the music stops.


After playing and photographing this game for a little while ….. have a review of the photos and discuss the pics. (Make sure you have taken an equal amount of photos for each student – of course).


The students love this game and if you can print off a picture (in black and white – more affordable) of each of the student’s funniest pose as a surprise for the parents (or guardians) – the parents and students can have a great memento for the day and this can inspire further discussion of the activity at home.

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