I had read the record of The Educator on discussions and presentations in class, but what distance between the experiences of others recorded in a folder and my situation facing the 4e12, also known as “fitted”, which I attributed this year?

We will provide all information about employment As of the release. c) The additional bands established by the master. But the tapes, not above his teacher, can not meet all needs. They need adaptation to the environment and students that allows no method.

Then we will prepare the tapes that we lack, and that will be bis or additional bands that make this the most suitable tool is currently available to teachers. We will sell this purpose leaves it enough to cut and paste with tape. When the tape is ready, we fix the end on the axle pin on which the tape be wound. d) tapes made by students: There is still a possibility that delights children: the preparation themselves bands for the comrades of lower degrees.

It may even be subsequently guidance on the establishment of certain of these cards a. And in this area are emerging new methods of immense importance: the great preparing strips for the lower divisions, and in the same school, the CM preparing strips for CP and EC. The exchange of bis bands can still be studied. Note that the strips are virtually indestructible.

Children enroll them on a special notebook. Tests help teachers in their monitoring work. e) finally strips may be established cooperatively to other activities: minutes of work and visits, conferences, comics. We have an original activity that appeals to children and allows a radical renewal of our pedagogy. TEACHERS IN BOXES AND CEG 2nd DEGREE If boxes and tapes will be valuable we first degree is beyond the primary that they will be even more useful.

All concepts to teach, CEG could usefully be clarified by a transcript on tape. Programming finally should be a real revolution that depend on us to exploit. BOXES AND BANDS TEACHERS IN COUNTRIES IN DEVELOPING The announced revolution will be long and difficult in countries of old scholastic tradition where the textbooks bring at least a culture of primer.

The problem is different in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as in the countries of Black Africa, America and Asia. There are classes in these countries no manual, not always notebooks, and teachers lack adequate training.

Our technical, now complemented by the teaching box, appear as the only possible solution: free texts, limographe newspaper and exchanges for the French; Calculation living; Research, studies and experimentation in science, history and geography; teachers strips to replace textbooks that will never be suitable for work in progress. YOU CAN MAKE BOXES AND BANDS In schools that are too poor to provide each student a teacher can, we will plans to https://www.homeworkmarket.me/
manufacture a teacher plywood box.

The teacher can then perform similar bands to those that we will ourselves make. We will follow closely the decisive experience. CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. The box comes in conditions of incomparable price since it is mass-produced.

2 °. The cost of tapes is burdened by against by our need to stick our bands by workers: from slitting them, group them by 6 fractions, paste, winding, prepare the boxes, are placed strips etc … therefore the edited tape is to be sold twice as expensive as the sheet strip, unassembled. We can sell these tapes to the comrades who agree to cut, paste, set the seal on the shaft and place them in their boxes.

The bands sell only by series of 10. (See C.E.L. new rates) Buyers who have not enough bands for their class we can order more sets or tape copy documents that desires to possess in multiple copies. Hasten to equip you and help us to launch this new technology work. Author: Celestin Freinet

1 to 10 from 30 Results A discussion on a debate in: school level> second degree> The college Breach CEL For teachers teaching French magazine Techniques> debate pedagogical techniques> Free text February 1975 My experience class discussions … very few solid things. Besides, what can we learn from “solid” after a small first year of teaching French?

I had read the record of The Educator on discussions and presentations in class, but what distance between the experiences of others recorded in a folder and my situation facing the 4e12, also known as “fitted”, which I attributed this year? … Author: Andrew Sprauel More class Moments – Celestin Freinet School of Herouville Saint Clair (14) By Claude Beaunis on 08/27/15 – 9:43 p.m.

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8: January 15, 1940 Authors: Boucher, Freinet, E. Gendre, Elise Freinet, Martha Beauvalot and Roger Lallemand more Site Kindergarten No. 3 In: Day (s ) ICEM study of a grade> kindergarten kindergarten Site for teachers journal Philosophy teaching techniques> free text> album children educational principles> rights enfa nt Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) in June 1999 More Records of the Breach: Six interviews Retorica In: school level> second degree> High School The Breach CEL For Teachers Review French pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error learning techniques > educational Technical literature> text free instructional techniques December 1976 records of THE BREACH Retorica SIX DISCUSSIONS Retorica DOCUMENTATION fOR THE tEACHING oF FRENCH SECOND CYCLE BOAR Pierre and Roger FAVRY Authors: Pierre and Roger Boar Favry more 1 2 3 next> last »
In: French Gossip For teachers review French> Spelling> French spelling reform in March 2011 PLEASE READ OUR WORDS “I would very wrong to end all, usques the laborers, and shephers porchiers can clearly write of, and in all of need are “RAMBAUD Honore Maistre of eschole, 1578 Read the article in .pdf” You copieras ten times the words. “” Copy the words “” Learn!’Re words … “Book Notes …

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