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Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug? The Clear Answer Will Surprise You

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug? The Clear Answer Will Surprise You

a typical concept promoted by those who oppose cannabis legalization is that the intake of cannabis contributes to the usage of harder drugs, such as for instance cocaine and heroin.

Those who make use of the alleged gateway medication theory as being an explanation to protest the legalization of marijuana point out styles and information they see as supporting the idea. But does evidence they depend on really show that marijuana is really a gateway medication?

The brief response is no. Correlation will not imply causation. A few thingsoccurring together does not mean that one of those plain things causes one other thing to take place. Alternatively, the technology and communities that are medical to ecological facets, maybe not marijuana, as prospective gateways to drug that is hard use.

The Gateway Drug Theory

Let’s begin by reviewing the details regarding the gateway medication concept (also called the stepping-stone concept, progression hypothesis, or escalation theory). As previously mentioned, the gateway drug concept posits that the application of a psychoactive medication, such as for example marijuana, is connected to a heightened danger of attempting harder medications. (more…)