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Simple Balancing

Sunday, October 10th, 2010


Simple Balancing is an excellent and fun science project.


You will need:


2 light weight containers that are identical (butter tubs work well)

a hole punch or something that can poke holes in the containers

6 pieces of yarn or string – cut the same length

and a hanger


Carefully punch 3 holes equal distance around the rim of each container. Thread the yarn thru each hole and tie in a knot – leaving equal amounts of yarn on each container. Tie and knot the three pieces onto the hanger – do this with both containers – one on each side of the hanger.
This will create a simple balancing scale. Hang the scale from a hook or door knob ( the scale cannot be leaning against anything for more accurate results).


Once the scale has been completed – have the students compare objects weight. Which item is heaviest? Lighter? Weighs the same? Also use ‘prediction’ as well. Graphing the results adds another dimension to this fun activity.